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Welcome to Back to Basics Health and Nutrition!

It seems everywhere you listen these days, the buzzwords are about natural ingredients, alternative medicine, organic and whole foods, cleansing, weight loss, supplements, vitamins, minerals. It's all so overwhelming and confusing!

My name is Juli Johnson. I began my journey back to health many years ago and my goal is to educate and guide you along the path of natural healing by sharing with you what I've learned. Our bodies want to be healthy and in balance. It's what our bodies do naturally if we'll let them. It's up to us to provide ourselves with the proper "ingredients" to achieve health and balance. Some of those include good food, supplementation, detoxification, homeopathy, stress reduction, spirituality and emotional healing. I hope you'll join me and thousands of others who have decided to reclaim their health using a natural, balanced approach.

List of Services
Zyto Comprehensive Testing
Zyto Allergy Testing
Near Infrared Sauna
hA2CG Weight Loss
Diet & Lifestyle Counselng
Saliva Testing
Stool Testing
Foot Detox
Castor Oil Packs
Massage Therapy

Please call 248-921-0586 or email Juli for an appointment. Juli also conducts phone consultations ($50) payable through PayPal.

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