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What is the hA2cg Weight loss plan?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadtropin and is a hormone produced naturally during pregnancy. In the late 1950's, renowned Dr. A.T.W. Simeons studied the effects of hCG on the body and wrote POUNDS AND INCHES - A New Approach to Obesity from his findings. He discovered that hCG seemed to promote the burning of non-essential body fat when administered with a specific low calorie diet. Dr. Simeons realized that virtually all overweight people had low metabolism, constant and intense hunger and deep food cravings. He also discovered that we have three different types of body fat. The first is structural fat that cushions the joints and organs (healthy). The second are normal fat reserves that keep us filled in throughout our bodies (healthy). The third type are secondary or abnormal fat reserves found around our thighs and hips, waist, stomach and buttocks as well as the upper arms, under the chin and neck, upper chest, and back. (unhealthy). These abnormal fat stores are never released no matter how much dieting or exercise one does unless you experience 90 days of starvation or during pregnancy.

Click here to read POUNDS AND INCHES - A New Approach to Obesity

Where does all this abnormal fat come from, why do we store it and why won't it budge?

There are several reasons why we store abnormal fat.

First is Age: As we age, our bodies tend to "slow down". This typically begins in our mid 30's. Often by the time we've reached our mid 40's we've accumulated an extra 10-15 pounds. Now we're seeing many very young people who are grossly overweight which leads to the next reason.

Our Foods: Anything in a box, bag or can contain harmful chemicals that over time overload our bodies. Our bodies will put up with a lot of abuse before we see or feel symptoms. In it's innate intelligence, our bodies keep us from feeling "symptoms" of toxic overload in a variety of ways. One of which is by creating fat to store these nasty toxins far away from our joints and organs.

Hormones: Many of us, men and women are experiencing hormone disruption. We all know someone who is experiencing low thyroid function, diabetes, chronic fatigue, infertility and the like. Or we have one or more of these disturbances ourselves. Any hormone imbalance affects the whole body and decreases metabolism.

Toxicity: Every day, we're assaulted with thousands of chemicals. Day in and day out. Our bodies handle these exposures with suprising grace, however, at some point it catches up to us. Toxic bodies are fat and malnourished. Period.

Food Sensitivities: Many of us have food sensitivities that we're unaware of because they aren't full blown allergic reactions. If you experience bloating, belching, intestinal gas or distress, fatigue, rashes, brain fog, restless sleep, irritatability, you probably have food sensitivities that are contributing to your weight. Our foods are not what they once were. Understanding and acknowledging which foods are giving you problems will go a long way in resolving overweight conditions.

Abnormal fat won't move because of one or all of these reasons.

Steps for successful weight loss using hA2cg:

Detox is a MUST! Although there are some references to detoxification in Dr. Simeons writings he wasn't clear on how to detox or if it was necessary. In today's environment, detoxification is of utmost importance for several reasons. We are a highly chemicalized society and many of us are harboring harmful substances in our bodies. When using the hA2cg, we are not only releasing abnormal fat, we are also releasing toxic wastes. If our kidneys and liver are not functioning at optimal levels we can experience discomfort while the release is ocurring. We can experience what is called "liver itch" whereby intense urges to scratch an unrelenting itch occurs. This is a message from the liver telling you it's overloaded. The second thing that can happen is relocation of the toxins. This means your body is unable to excrete the toxic load and will instead relocate or put the toxins somewhere else in the body which may lead to further damage in the future.

Phase 1 and Phase 2
Phase 1 is Fat loading. Begin your hA2cg drops and for the first 2 days you will consume high fat, high calorie foods in an effort to gain weight. (I know, I know..eek!) Keep in mind this step is important so you will not feel hungry once you move in to Phase 2 which is: 500 calories a day for the next 21-40 days. You will eat from a select food list of 2 fruits, 2 proteins, and 2 vegetables a day. Each day upon awakening, you will empty your bladder and weigh yourself. Continue this for a MINIMUM of 21 days and a maximum of 40 days. You can stop at any point between 21 and 40 days.

Phase 3 Stabilization
Stop your hA2cg drops but continue your 500 calories for 2 more days without the hA2cg drops. This allows the hA2cg to exit your body completely before adding in fats. You will be adding HEALTHY fats and more calories to your diet to stabilize your new weight. NO SUGAR, NO STARCH, and NO GRAINS. Discover how many calories a day you will need to maintain your new weight. It's very important that your weight does not increase or decrease by 2 pounds either way. If so, you will need to do a correction day.

Phase 4 - The rest of your life
After you have successfully stabilized you will then be adding new foods back into your diet from other food groups. Starches, grains and sugars. Use caution when adding new foods and go slowly. Continue to record your daily weight so you can discover which foods you are most sensitive to. Those foods will cause weight gains. Many of us are carb sensitive i.e. to grains and sugars.

When using hA2cg for more than one round you will need to take a 6 week break and add 2 weeks break for each successive round. This is to allow your body to rest and recover.

Having the proper information and support will insure your weight loss success.

For more information on the hA2cg protocol or to purchase, please call 248-921-0586 or e-mail Juli at julib2b@gmail.com.